When I was younger I remember being given a T.V in my room! It was great! I could lay in bed and watch TV all night long. My favorite thing to do was to have it on while I did my homework.

My mother would get upset, asking me to turn it off, but I told her I had to have it on to “concentrate”. Long story short, my homework would never get done and I would have to do it on the bus the next morning or even in the bathroom during the class before it was due.

Something that brought me so much joy also brought along with it even more distractions. There are countless things in life that can cause us to lose focus on God or at the least, our walk with Him. School, sports, clubs, friends, even family can be a distraction. They all can bring us joy, but they also bring distractions.

There’s a funny story about being distracted in Luke, Chapter 24. It takes place three days after Christ was crucified (on the day He was resurrected), and two people are walking down the road and run into Christ. However, they are so distracted by the things going around them (which they have every right to be), that they don’t recognize Him standing right in front of them.

The fact that you’ve made it to the final day in this reading plan shows that you at least want to focus on what God has for you. But what happens when this pandemic is over and life begins to get busier? What happens when there are other things that “demand” your time/focus and God starts to take a back seat?

Later on, in the same story, these same two people recognize who Christ was and they say, “Did not our hearts burn while he talked to us?” They were distracted the entire time while Christ was in front of them, but even in their distraction, they still believed.

Distractions are a part of life. But it takes realizing your distraction and choosing to do away with it to focus on God. Turn off the T.V., social media, phones, and Say no to that friend that is pulling you away from your purpose. Decide what deserves your attention.


Prayer: Lord, I love You and want to know You more and more. I long that I may become increasingly intimate with You my God and Saviour. Give me a thirst for You with every passing day and may I settle for nothing less than the very closest relationship with You as I press on to the high calling of becoming just like Jesus. Draw me nearer to You precious Lord and keep me moment by moment wrapped in Your grace and love, Amen.

Journal Book Questions:

  1. What did God say to you?
  2. What did you say to God?
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