Does God really care about people who don’t know him? What about the people who have never heard of Jesus, what will happen to them? What about the people who are raised to believe something different than the Bible?

When you read the Bible, does it lend toward keeping our faith a secret or does it lend toward sharing our faith with the world? Did Jesus come to just save some of us, or did He come to save the whole world?

When we begin to follow Jesus, it changes everything. As we grow and read scripture, we begin to realize that Jesus meant for His love to be shared with every person on the planet. His plan for sharing His love to the world is by using people like us who have been transformed by Him already.

It can be an intimidating task to share our faith with people who do not know Jesus in an intimate way like we do. Take some time today to consider your part in sharing your faith with those who don’t know Jesus. How might you be able to show that Jesus really does love all people, including those who do not know Him yet?

One way to share your faith is by sharing your own faith story. How has God changed your life? How do you know and feel His love? How can you use your story to be a testimony that God really does love all people?

God’s plan for all people is to have relationship with Jesus. His plan for sharing that love to the world is by using people like us that have been transformed by Him already. How can you share His love with someone today?


Prayer: Father, Thank you for your great love for us. You sent your only Son to live with us and show us how to love. Jesus gave His life for us and resurrected on that third day so that we could also be with you in eternity! I pray for my friends who don’t know you and pray my life is a testimony to share with them, amen.

Journal Book Questions:

1. What did God say to you?

2. What did you say to God?

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