After a strong, spiritual week at CY conferences, you might be asking “how do I keep this intense love and passion for God going through the remainder of the year and especially during this pandemic?”. The answer is very simple and you probably heard a lot about it at church. Remember the speaker or maybe your mentor talking about the Spirit? They might have said phrases like “We need to be filled with the Spirit.” or “When we receive the Holy Spirit…” or “The Spirit gave me the power to…”

The Spirit they are speaking about is a gift that Jesus gave to us. Even though Jesus would no longer be around physically, He chose to give us the Holy Spirit to be with us and lead us. As part of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit wants to walk with us and guide us into truth. This was Jesus’ plan from the beginning, to leave us with power and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Once filled with the Spirit, it means that we are never alone and the Spirit is now inside of us. Here are three simple roles the Holy Spirit plays in our lives:

WEAKNESS: The Spirit’s role is to help us in weakness. During this pandemic, there will be temptations and desires within us to pull us away from God. The Spirit wants to reverse that and keep us close to God. Since He is with us and in us, this infilling of the Spirit changes the way we talk to our parents and walk our friends. He fills us to make us strong!

PRAYER: Being filled with the Spirit changes the way we pray in two new ways. First, we speak in a new prayer language or tongues. This might seem weird at first but the Bible describes this as a power language between God and us. Second, when praying in the Spirit, it becomes the perfect prayer because the Spirit knows exactly what we need.

UNDERSTANDING: The Spirit is fighting for our good and wants us to win. He knows all the details and weirdness of our lives, which sets us up for help at the right times in our lives. He understands all the temptations online and all the scenarios with our families. He is there with us in the middle of it all and all we have to do is walk with Him. The Spirit understands and stands with us.

There is so much knowledge to be gained about the Holy Spirit that you can learn through Bible reading time. If you have never been filled with the Spirit, begin to seek God and ask Him to fill you. Talk with your parents or church leader about being filled. A whole new life begins after you receive the Spirit, so begin to walk and talk in that power daily.


Prayer: Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You that You are the God of blessing, abundance and the supernatural. You are Almighty, the giver of every good and perfect gift. Lord, I stand before You now with a desire to go higher with You. Teach me your ways. I want to talk, walk and be just like you Jesus, amen.

Journal Book Questions:

  1. What did God say to you?
  2. What did you say to God?
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